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The Pool is a study project that invites professionals, students, laypersons and novices in the arts and sciences to research (through analysis & performance) the practice of improvisation. The aim of the project is to create a frame work using dance, light, music and science as the starting points for our discourse and exploration. In particular the science group will observe and propose a perspective from their chosen field: anthropology, sociology, philosophy , physics or mathematics. Each of the session’s salient points will be collated, distilled and archived on-line.
In each session we will have 4 facilitators that will lead a group of people in analyzing a preselected subject. (Listening, space, Time, Mistakes/risk, Affordance, Exhibitionism).

We will ask each of the participants to chose to take part in one of the following groups: Dance, Music, Light or Observation (science). Each group is led by a specialist in that given field who will take responsibility for guiding the participants through an analysis of the chosen subject.

Participation in some of the groups (particularly light & music) will be subject to availability.

 Dates                  Theme

27.01.2013      Listening

24.01.2013      Space

10.03.2013      Time

21.04.2013      Mistakes/Risk

19.05.2013      Affordance

09.06.2013     Exhibitionism